The OSC will be held for 3 weeks (July 11-29, 2022) with learning activities equivalent to 3 credits. The first week of OSC will focus on independent learning on cosmetics from basic knowledge of cosmetics, regulation, formulation and technology, business and marketing, and individual assignment. This week, synchronous meetings for course briefing and asynchronous learning will be given to individuals.

The second week of OSC will focus on tutorial activities on cosmetic formulation, regulations on cosmetics, technology development, marketing, and business strategy from Indonesian and International speakers. In addition, asynchronous assignments will be given in the form of a final group project assessed at the end of the OSC. The third week of OSC will focus on virtual tours from cosmetic industries, tutorial meetings from cosmetic professionals and industry, project discussion, and final project presentation.

By the end of the course, participants are expected to be able to:
1. Understand cosmetics from the perspective of tradition, history, and the latest developments in various countries and design a concept for future cosmetics
2. Design and apply technological developments in the cosmetic field, from simple, traditional to advance technology
3. Recognize various types of cosmetics, including halal cosmetics as well as natural product cosmetics, and select ingredients that suit the target consumers
4. Identify the latest trends in product development in the cosmetic and beauty industry
5. Understand the aspects of marketing and design a marketing strategy that meets the regulation of cosmetic products

Required documents for students:
1. Scan of Student ID
2. Passport-size photograph
3. 1-page of resume/ CV
4. 1-2 paragraphs of motivation letter
5. Endorsement letter
Please download the available template

The Organizing Committee will assess applications and reserves the right to carry out a selection process based on the submitted registration forms if the number of registrants exceeds the course capacity (200 seats). Notification of selection results will be sent via email by July 4, 2022. We are delighted to announce that the OSC is open to the public, and we welcome you to join the seminars and discussions in the second and third weeks of the OSC (July 18-29, 2022).

Registration links:
For prospective Indonesian public participants,
For prospective International participants,
Application guideline on the UGM admission system for international students is available


Our Previous Summer Courses
The Faculty of Pharmacy of Universitas Gadjah Mada has routinely organized summer courses since 2016, and successfully brought together participants and speakers from around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions in international mobility, it is currently organized as an online summer course.