Staf Pendidik

Departemen Biologi Farmasi


Name Research Interest
Prof. Dr. Suwidjiyo Pramono, DEA., Apt.
Phytopharmaceutical Technology, Phytotherapy
Prof. Dr. Sudarsono, Apt.
Medicinal Plants (Phytopharmaceuticals) as antiinfection agents; adaptogen (immune stimulators) and metabolic disease (antioxydants) and those quality assurance aspects. Development of Traditional medicine (scientific based medicine of local knowledge).
Prof. Dr. Wahyono, SU., Apt.
Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Traditional Medicine, Natural Product Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Subagus Wahyuono, M.Sc., Apt.
Natural Product Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. rer. nat. Yosi Bayu Murti, M.Si., Apt.
Marine Natural Products, Herbal Standardization
Dr. rer. nat. Triana Hertiani, M.Si., Apt.
Natural Product Chemistry, Phytopharmaceutics
Dr. rer. nat. Nanang Fakhrudin, M.Si., Apt.
Natural products for inflammatory and metabolic diseases, Bioactivities screening
Dr. Erna Prawita Setyowati, M.Si., Apt.
Natural Product Chemistry
Dr. Puji Astuti, M.Sc., Apt.
Molecular Biology, Biotechnology
Dr. Indah Purwantini, M.Si., Apt.
Microbiology, Antimalarial
Dr. Andayana Puspitasari Gani, M.Si., Apt.
Traditional Medicines, Plant Tissue Culture, Postharvest of medicinal plants
Dr. Sylvia Utami Tunjung Pratiwi, M.Si., Apt.
Microbiology, Molecular Biology
Dr. Djoko Santosa, S.Si., M.Si
Plant Tissue Culture (Cultivation of Medicinal Plants), Pharmaceutical Botany, Ethnobotany, <br /> Medicinal Plants Ecology
Dr. Purwanto, M.Sc., Apt.
Plant Biotechnology


Departemen Farmasetika


Name Research Interest
Prof. Dr. Achmad Fudholi, DEA., Apt.
Solid Pharmaceutical Technology
Prof. Dr. Marchaban, DESS., Apt.
Liquid and semisolid science and formulation technology, Cosmeceutical science and technology, Pharmacy education
Prof. Dr. Akhmad Kharis Nugroho, M.Si., Apt.
Transdermal delivery including iontophoretic delivery, In vitro in vivo correlation in drug absorption, Computational and mathematics modeling in Pharmaceutical sciences
Dr. rer. nat. Ronny Martien, M.Si.
Nanobiotechnology, Drug/gene delivery system, Gene therapy
Dr. Rina Kuswahyuning, M.Si., Apt.
Pharmaceutical Technology
Dr. Abdul Karim Zulkarnain, M.Si., Apt.
Pharmacy Physics
Dr. Chairun Wiedyaningsih, M.Kes., M.App.Sc., Apt
Social Pharmacy, Community pharmacy
Dr. Satibi, M.Si., Apt.
Social Pharmacy, Community pharmacy
Dr. Susi Ari Kristina, M.Kes., Apt.
Pharmaceutical care
Dr. Dwi Endarti, M.Sc., Apt.
Pharmacoeconomic, Management pharmacy
Dr. Teuku Nanda Saifullah Sulaiman, M.Si., Apt.
Technology and formulation of pharmaceutical products, Drug delivery system
Septimawanto Dwi Prasetyo, M.Si., Apt.
Social Pharmacy, Community pharmacy, Pharmaceutical technology
Anna Wahyuni Widayanti, MPH., Apt.
Social Pharmacy, Community pharmacy
Marlyn Dian Laksitorini, M.Sc., Apt.
Pharmaceutical technology
M. Rifqi Rokhman, M.Sc., Apt.