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Keluarga Besar Fakultas Farmasi UGM Gelar Syawalan 1445 H

Farmasi UGM - Selasa (16/04) telah dilaksanakan kegiatan Syawalan 1445 H Keluarga Besar Fakultas Farmasi UGM. Acara bertajuk “Merajut Kebersamaan, Mempererat Ukhuwah, Menyambut Kemenangan dengan Hati yang Bersih dan Penuh ...


Sebagai salah satu institusi pendidikan farmasi paling berpengalaman di Indonesia, berupaya berkontribusi dalam peningkatan kemampuan intelektual di bidang farmasi melalui pendidikan yang unggul, penelitian yang inovatif, dan jejaring yang luas sehingga menghasilkan lulusan yang mampu mengelola perubahan, melakukan inovasi, dan berkompetensi sesuai dengan perkembangan ilmu dan teknologi.



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02 Nov

The 7th ICPAPS The 12th Annual Conference of ISCC

The Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada, partnering with the Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention, is organizing the 7th International Conference on Pharmacy and Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences (ICPAPS 2021) and the 12th Annual Conference of the Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention (ISCC 2021). Established in 2009, the ICPAPS alone is a biennial event aiming to facilitate expert meeting and knowledge sharing among pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists. Meanwhile, the ISCC Conference occurs annually as a forum for showcasing research and education in cancer chemoprevention. The ICPAPS-ISCC 2021 is arranged along the line with a broad theme focused on the Contribution of Advanced Pharmacy Research and Pharmaceutical Care during the COVID-19 Pandemic Era. This worth-noting theme currently reflects the public demand to accelerate the COVID-19 therapies, which becomes a priority in pharmaceutical research and pharmaceutical care. To address various research interests, five symposia are organized in specific topics of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PPCP); Pharmacy Education, and Social and Administrative Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy (PESC); Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery System (PDDS); Herbal Medicine and Natural Products (HMNP); and Cancer Chemoprevention (CCP). The conference is scheduled to take place from November 2 to 4, 2021, virtually via the Zoom platform. It will bring together researchers, academia, students, practitioners in health institutions and industries, and policymakers in corresponding fields from all over the world to exchange and share their experiences and findings concerning the pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences, and cancer chemoprevention.

03 Jun

Asian Pharmacometrics Network Workshop Series: Basic Pharmacometrics Course using Monolix

Pharmacometrics is an integrative science using models to interpret pharmacology in a quantitative fashion. It describes the drug-patient-disease relationships facilitating drug therapy optimization. Pharmacometrics also plays a strategic role in drug discovery and development by integrating several aspects, i.e., the pathophysiology, in vitro, nonclinical and clinical data, in a certain mathematical and statistical manner to find the right drug and the dosing regimen. The history of pharmacometrics dates back to the early 1970s and is tremendously supported by the population-based approach, allowing clinical data modeling, even in a sparse condition. This course is a basic and introductory course in pharmacometrics focusing on familiarizing students and scientists who are new to this research field. Monolix is one of the software available to analyze pharmacometrics approaches. Its good user interface and relatively simple operation will be suitable, even for the newbie person in the pharmacometrics approach.