Wi-Fi internet access

It is a wireless internet service. The wireless technology (Wi-Fi 802.11b) will facilitate the academic communities to surf in cyberspace. There are a lot of Hotspots available in the Faculty of Pharmacy.


The library is provided for all academic communities in the Faculty of Pharmacy and open for public with the consent of the library’s coordinator. Requirements to become a member of the library are as follows:

For Students of the Faculty of Pharmacy UGM

  • • Registered as a student of Faculty of Pharmacy.
  • • Fill out the registration form.
  • • Submit 2 photos of 2×3 cm in size.
  • • Pay the registration fee.

For Public

  • • Submit a letter of introduction from the institution or agency.
  • • Fill out the registration form.
  • • Submit 1 photo of 2×3 cm in size.
  • • Pay the registration fee.
  • • Not allowed to borrow books to take home (limited to reading only).

Types of Service

  • • Reference service
  • • Circulation service
  • • Photocopy service
  • • Internet access
  • • Referral service
  • • Information searching service
  • • Literature searching service
  • • Reference data service

Opening Hours

  • • Monday – Thursday : 08:00 – 16:00
  • • Friday & Saturday : 09:00 – 15:00

The facilities available at the library of Faculty of Pharmacy are:

  • • Discussion room
  • • Air-conditioned rooms
  • • Computers for internet access with fiber-optic connection
  • • Computers for book search
  • • Photocopy service
  • • Toilets

The academic communities of Faculty of Pharmacy can use the online 24-hour Library Information System through read more


Faculty of Pharmacy, UGM provides laboratories located in each Department:

Department of Pharmaceutical Biology

  1. 1. Laboratory of Pharmacognosy
  2. 2. Research Laboratory
  3. 3. Laboratory of Cell Biology
  4. 4. Laboratory of Production of Simplicia
  5. 5. Laboratory of Plant Tissue Culture
  6. 6. Laboratory of Microbiology
  7. 7. Laboratory of Phytochemistry
  8. 8. Laboratory of Phytopharmaceutical Technology

Department of Pharmaceutics

  1. 1. Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Management and Social Pharmacy I
  2. 2. Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Management and Social Pharmacy II
  3. 3. Laboratory of Biopharmaceutics
  4. 4. Laboratory of Physical Pharmacy
  5. 5. Laboratory of Solid Dosage Formulation Technology
  6. 6. Laboratory of Liquid and Semi-Solid Dosage Formulation Technology
  7. 7. Laboratory of Sterile Dosage Formulation Technology

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  1. 1. Laboratory of Biochemistry
  2. 2. Laboratory of Basic Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  3. 3. Laboratory of Organic Synthesis
  4. 4. Laboratory of Food Analysis
  5. 5. Laboratory of Spectroscopy
  6. 6. Laboratory of Chromatography
  7. 7. Laboratory of Immunology

Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy

  1. 1. Laboratory of Basic Pharmacology
  2. 2. Laboratory of Molecular Pharmacology
  3. 3. Laboratory of Pharmacokinetics
  4. 4. Bioanalysis Laboratory
  5. 5. Laboratory of Pharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy

Selain laboratorium-laboratorium tersebut yang utamanya berfungsi untuk pengajaran tersebut, Fakultas Farmasi UGM juga memiliki laboratorium terpadu, laboratorium grup penelitian, dan laboratorium komputer sebagai sarana penunjang.

Laboratorium Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences (APS)
Hasil penelitian yang berkualitas tidak hanya tergantung pada sumber daya peneliti, namun juga tergantung pada sarana dan prasarana laboratorium yang handal. Untuk mewujudkan sasaran rencana strategis Fakultas Farmasi UGM tersebut, salah satu program yang ditetapkan adalah peningkatan kualitas dan fasilitas laboratorium untuk mendukung kegiatan penelitian yang bersifat interdisipliner di bidang Ilmu Farmasi. Implementasi program tersebut adalah pembentukan suatu Laboratorium Terpadu. Pada tahun 2012, Fakultas Farmasi UGM telah mendirikan sebuah laboratorium terpadu melalui SK Dekan dan pada akhir tahun 2015 laboratorium ini diubah namanya menjadi Laboratorium Advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences Fakultas Farmasi UGM dengan SK Rektor UGM. read more


To support the learning activities, Faculty of Pharmacy provides a number of representative classrooms with comfortable seats. Each classroom is equipped with air conditioning (AC), Over Head Projector (OHP), LCD Viewer, Wide Board, Rolling Wide Screen, Desktop Computer, Laptop and LCD Monitor which is connected to the internet.