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15 Juli 2016 Dikirim oleh Administrator Web

Call for the 2016 Summer Course on Translating Jamu, Indonesian Herbal Medicine: From Ancient Knowledge to Evidence Based Medicine


The 2016 Summer Course program is the extension of the university’s mission of promoting research, teaching and social engagement by hosting high-level, research-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative academic courses for professional development, particularly in the health sciences. The short, intensive course, coached by a team of distinguished international faculty members together with experts from faculty partners overseas is organized to invite graduate students, and undergraduate students from UGM university partners to join the course.

An Overview of Jamu

Explore and experience Indonesia’s radiant traditional herbal medicine, Jamu. Jamu has been developed over years in Indonesia guided by cultural philosophy and embracing a variety of social custom and tradition. Today many Indonesians benefit Jamu to counter and cure infectious diseases and to maintain health.

Our Program Covers Interesting Topics on :

• The philosophy of Jamu
• Indonesian and Javanese culture in correlation to Jamu
• The philosophy of traditional medicine in South East Asia
• The application of TCM for healthcare in modern approach
• The basic knowledge on Jamu application
• Problems related to Jamu application
• Indonesian biodiversity and Jamu application in daily life
• Jamu as modern and scientific-based medicine
• The concept of Jamu industrialization
• The Jamu Good Agricultural and Collection practice aspects
• The production of extracts for Jamu formulation
• The application of herbal medicine as alternative and complementary medicine

Learning Mode :

• Interactive Classes
• Workshop
• Laboratory Classes
• Field Trips

Program duration :

Sept. 13 – 26, 2016

Detail information : click here